NXT Spider

Fantastic looking spider. Looks like 4 PF motors each controlling 2 legs. Nice natural looking movement turning and going forward.

Damien Kee


I_Fixed_It_44 said…
Wow!Wish I had that many motors!
Menno Gorter said…
@ I_Fixed_It_44 : It's not how many stuff one has, but the the idea's of what to do with it are important. ;-)
( This model could have been done with only one motor and a lot gears... But than it wouldn't be called Mindstorms. :-) )

@ Damien Kee : This PF/NXT Omni-Spider is also capable of walking sidewards. ;-)
Thanks for paying attention; I've a lot of different models at this time.
( About 40 ; some of them are on the web. )

Unknown said…
Great model!
You are the master of LEGO walkers indeed.
Menno Gorter said…
Thanks Matthias Paul,

Some day I hope to get some program skills too. :-)
Omni-Spider is work in progress; At this moment I've solved the problems with it's legs.
They are now almost unbreakable; necessary to show the model error free for a long time.
Maybe not at Legoworld, but I like to show my models in the middle of my audience.
Especially kids can do very hard things with the Lego animals exploring if they are alive.
At this picture my RCX-Ant is truly being hit!
HotNerd said…
Oh my god that's creepy. Only creepy because it's SO realistic. Fantastic job with the analysis of real-world movement. You seriously could create a seminar around this model and what it took to mimic the movements.

Carmen said…
Are there any building plans for this robot?

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