I've received a handful of emails about Nxtasy.org being redirected to a domain holding site and asked if I know anything about it. I've emailed a few people involved with the blog to see what's going on and will pass along anything I find out. I know a lot of NXT fans are nervous about the forum at Nxtasy not being available - let's just be patient and see what's going on... it could be a simple technical error that's forcing the nxtasy.org domain to resolve elsewhere.

Of course, if anyone knows what's happened and can share with me, please email me the details and I'll be glad to post them here later as an update.


Xander Soldaat said…
The domain's registration was renewed earlier this year and is good until some time next year, so it's not a hijack or anything like that.
NXTreme said…
Aplus.net, NXTasy's hoster, advertises a maximum of up to 8.76 hours a year. NXTasy has been down for well over 24 hours already and I'm curious as to just how much longer it will be down.
Anonymous said…
Actually, it may be the aplus.net hosting which was not renewed on time.
Unknown said…
Hm .. still down.
222Doc said…
Yes it don't look good, no real information and its been about a week.
NXTreme said…
I really hope that if it does come down permanently that someone backed it up. I think having a dedicated server for nxtasy.org and forums would not be a bad idea. Maybe people would be slightly more willing to donate towards a new server once they've seen how important it is to not lose that site. Of course, there are also other Mindstorms forums out there but NXTasy seems to one of the most popular.
Anonymous said…
Where are you nxtasy posters? Are you using another forum? What makes nxtasy so popular? Why is there almost no post to the nxt step forum?

Should we start a new nxtasy?
222Doc said…
Its appeal may have been its open forum setting. People I think like to see there post right off. Unlike blogs that tend to have to be moderated first. Nxtasy was the other way, you posted and if it was latter ruled out of sorts than it would be removed. For the most part this worked well, I think.

I would think that a nxtasy2.0 would be a great idea as it seems that 1.0 was went into the blackhole of the internet.

Some of the early things that nxtasy did though it was a lot of work for Guy and getting sponsers must have been rather hard was the "contest official" prizes were given. I think that brought alot of people, "give a prize and they will come".

Even at nxtasy in the end posts were slowing alot as well.
Robbie's dad said…
nicolas-schodet said...
"Where are you nxtasy posters? Are you using another forum? What makes nxtasy so popular? Why is there almost no post to the nxt step forum?

Should we start a new nxtasy?

Could be to do with the fact the NXT STEP forum admins aren't exactly forthcoming in approving new registrations. I've been waiting for days.
No need to be snippy about it - sometimes we don't get around to approving forum requests for weeks :)

Seriously, though - there seems to be some issue with our forum approval system - I've just tried to approve registrations made over the last week and the system isn't letting me do it - and I'm an admin. I'll try and track down what's happening, but based on some of the email addresses I'm seeing, a LOT of our problem is spammers - I'm seeing a lot of email addresses from hotmail and yahoo.com and, sorry to say, I rarely approve them because they're such a source of spam. And if your email address ends with "@bizlink_commerce.com" or "learntoearn.com" or similar "spammy" sounding domain, sorry... get a gmail account that we can actually report if we have problems... I approve all gmail accounts fairly quickly (when the system is working).
Anonymous said…
I try to contact aplus, John Hansen seems to had success with this in the past.

If this is not successful, I have servers on which I can host a forum. If I do this, I will make sure that the database can be regularly exported so anyone can continue in case I disappear.

It would be better if we agree on what to do.
John Hansen said…
Steve Hassenplug, Brian Davis, Xander Soldaat, and myself are working on a nxtasy replacement (blog and forums). It is not quite ready for public release but should be soon. Getting a sourceforge account would be a good first step toward being ready to post on the new site, if all goes as planned. And I am try to recover as much content from nxtasy as I can gather from web caches, though that is proving to be not as easy as I had hoped.

John Hansen
NXTreme said…
"In case I disappear"... I got it! I know why NXTasy is down! The Arduino people finally think that we (the Mindstorms people) are a big enough threat to get rid of. They are slowly beginning to take out Mindstorms sites and forums, one by one, piece by piece. They will also begin to "disappear" people like BD, JH, JK, XS and others. The new Arduino Uno was a last ditched attempt to wipe out the competition...
Eric said…
It really isn't looking good D:

At this point, I'd really like to draw attention to my StackExchange proposal at:


StackExchange is the company behind the Programming Q&A site StackOverflow. They have made a place topropose ideas for new Q&A sites.

I've been pushing the Lego Mindstorms proposal for some time on NXTasy, but now is when we'd really need it.

By going to the proposal page and clicking "commit", you bring the site one step closer to reality.
Unknown said…
Aplus.net hosting was not renewed indeed.

If someone would know whom to contact...
One could ask aplus for a short term contract. I would like to contribute for any costs, so we'd paid for some days on Aplus, The Owner opened it up again, and let a specially designed crawler capture the forum posts if possible 100%.
That is assumed Aplus doesn't have a backup possibility like sending the content of the whole Nethosting Contract on Harddisk to The Owner.
Please someone of the Educated, Mail eric or Guy or whoever it is that is able to negotiate with aplus. Even if they are horribly, they can't just throw away a customers data.

I think there is still hope ;)


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