Nov 1, 2010

and another... LEGO WORLD video :)

My turn to present you with a speedy video from LEGO WORLD -- A fantastic journey!

I: /. 7.


Menno Gorter said...

Indeed a very special video; well done!
We met each other but regrettably didn't had the chance to speak a lot.
So did this event turned out to be too big? :-)

At least I was able to help Matthias, Kenneth, Lase and Kevin with some idea's and logistics.

Marc-Andre Bazergui (bazmarc) said...

In this video you are explaining to Danny Benedettelli your walker.
It was great meeting you Menno and thanks for the little wall-e toy gift.

Menno Gorter said...

Aha, I was wondering whose hands I saw.

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