LEGOWORLD 2010: Three days to go

Only two days to go for the largest LEGO® event of the world: the LEGOWORLD 2010 opens its doors on Wednesday in Zwolle, Netherlands, the day after tomorrow!
It will last no less than a complete week on an enourmous area in the IJsselhallen  and feature hundreds of exhibitors, shops, events, challenges and shows for ten thousands of visitors.

You will meet there also a lot of MINDSTORMS people in person that regularly appear in our blog entries as well as a lot of authors of this very blog (this time, we also will have participants of the MINDSTORMS Community Partner Program from 12 countries!).

I myself will serve both as exhibitor and spot reporter for THE NXT STEP.

If you can manage it, visit the LEGOWORLD - it's well worth it!


:) I will be there from the 23rd as an exhibitor and to assist you with reporting the event! Hope to meet many of you ..

Gauw tot ziens (see you soon)
Robotica said…
when all goes according to plan we will show:

- the Highbay warehouse
- Monsterchess
- many impressive robots, that were never seen before.
Menno Gorter said…
There will be an other booth too. :-)
I will be there the 21st, 22nd and 23rd showing a different kind of all sizes matters.
( )

And I'm not alone; there will be more NXT-related stuff between the LEGO Technic in our booth.
For example a more impressive Lego modelmakingrobot, capable of converting LDD-files into a 3D model.
( )
See and judge... ... so you have not seen LW if....


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