Machines, Wheels, and Contraptions - 3 New Books!

Many NXT fans are already familiar with the work of Yoshihito Isogawa... and many of us own the Japanese versions of his books. Well, No Starch Press has now released three of his books, translated and in full color. Details below:

The Books


If you are not familiar with Yoshihito's work, now's your chance to see some of the most interesting and unique mechanisms built from LEGO parts... and many of these mechanisms are simply stepping stones to giving your own robots more advanced movements and abilities.

I love my Japanese versions, and am now happy to have the English translation versions in my book collection.


Andy D said…
I have the pdf book, and I have looked through it a few times and found it fantastic.

Those videos really bring his creations to life. Well worth the time to view. I plan to view them again and build a few of his creations just to get a better idea of what he is doing.


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