MINDdroid: Official Android application for LEGO® MINDSTORMS

Image courtesy of TLG
The LEGO Group™ has just announced the first official Android cell phone application for LEGO® MINDSTORMS:

"We are happy to announce the launch of the MINDdroid application for Android (2.1 or higher) phones, that will allow you to get instant access and control to your NXT robot, and give the ability to control by the flick of a wrist!

The MINDdroid app is a remote-control application that allows you to create a wireless connection directly with your NXT, and once a connection is established, you can tilt and turn your phone to make the robot move forward, turn to the sides, and by pressing an action button on the phone's screen, activate the Action motor. If you have a Shooterbot or other robot using two motors for motion and have a spare motor for actions, you are in for a lot of fun!"

Cool stuff!
To read more, go to the MINDSTORMS News page.


Unknown said…
Does it work with NXT 1.0?
MINDdroid is the highest quality NXT remote contro app available. No lag operation. Great tutorial! Fantastic startup sound. It is fast when setting up a connection and might pop a little error about your NXT not connecting...the NXT needs a second to catch up. Just type in the passkey (1234) and tap through. Chris
Unknown said…
Would be great if you make a symbian remote controll app for the nokia 5800 that supports tilt inside the nokia 5800
caleb said…
@WU, i have tried it on the 1.0(only one i have) and it has not worked. so, i doubt it. but there are other nxt remotes out there on the android market.
Unknown said…
There is now an even better Android remote control app called 'NxtRemote' on the Android Market. It cost a few dollars, but it's skinnable and extendable using javascript and it works on the HTC Desire (the official lego one didn't work on the Desire when I tried it).

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