NEW Wall-E made for Zwolle!

The challenge was to remake Wall-E3 (the one that went to Atlanta for the FIRST World Championship earlier this year) but to use only Mindstorms this time! No Power function or 3rd party components!!  humm,   Well we all know the NXT Servo motors are 'huge' and only 3 can be plugged  per NXT... Conclusion?  zWall-E4!

Tech. Spec.:
3 NXT bricks
8 NXT Servo Motors
2 Color Sensors (for the eyes)
1 Ultrasonic Sensor
4 Touch Sensors
& Bluetooth was used to link all 3 NXT's via a NXT-G 2.0 program.

OK so he doesn't transform (yet), but I'm still quite happy with the result. There is always room for improvement though :) I look forward to hear your comments.

Hope you enjoy this short video and for those lucky to be there, make sure you come see us at the MCP booth at LEGO WORLD 2010 next week.

I: /. 7.


Dave Parker said…
Wow, totally awesome! Very expressive movements as well!

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