New wheels for your NXT robots!

I received a detailed email from RJ McNamara about a new wheel available for NXT robotics:

The Rotacaster is the only Omni-wheel I'm aware of that will track in a "Killough Platform" like theory suggests, resulting with virtually nil slippage on all household hard floors surface. The "Durometer Type Rollers" in the Omni-wheel exceeded all my expectations by a long way after trying those offered from other manufactures! The "Durometer Type Rollers" work like a sticky compound race tyre on a high performance race vehicle.

Many thanks must go to Mr. Peter McKinnon from Rotacaster for having faith in me to take on the challenges involved with developing what is an Industrial Rotacaster Omni-wheel, into a product suitable for use with Lego Mindstorms & Technics Robots.

The Actual cost of the Lego-Rotacaster Omn-wheels and date of availability is yet to be released. The standard non-Lego R-2048-01 Double 48mm individual Wheel Price is AUD $13.75(including GST). Around USD $12.00 each. Rotacaster hopes to make Omni-wheels for use with other Robotics platforms in the future. Mr. Per McKinnon and the Rotacaster staff are great to deal with and their enthusiasm for this project has amazed me with Peter flying from his base here in Australia to the U.S.A. to oversee the development and tooling up.


If any of our readers manage to get their hands on a wheel or two, let us know what you think! And many thanks to RJ for emailing about the new item!


Laurens Valk said…
See this link for blog posts by Xander Soldaat about these wheels.
He's made quite a nice robot with it.
Unknown said…
Well, a product that can not be actually bought presently could be considered of limited use, however interesting it may seem...

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