Renewable Energy from the NXT

Image courtesy of dexter industries
Dexter Industries, a 3rd party provider of hardware for the NXT, has released a solar power system for the NXT:

"dSolar Systems from Dexter Industries allow you to power your Lego Mindstorms NXT robot using nothing but the sun! This 9V solar power system is compatible with Lego Mindstorms NXT creations and includes everything you need to get started. Easily attach the solar panel to any of your Mindstorms NXT creations."

Interesting stuff! Browse to their website and have a look. There are also some interesting projects and videos on their blog.


I will bring a sample of the new 4W panel with me at LEGO WORLD, it will not be built on a MOC since the event is indoor and these panel really need direct sunlight! A video I made featuring the 2W panel can be seen from Dexter's website. Thanks.
Joshua Smith said…
That is super cool!!!Keep up the good work!!!!

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