"Tora no Maki" by Yosihita Isogawa now as English books

Remember Yoshihito Isogawa's brilliant "Tora no Maki" book?
It was available as an PDF and written in Japanese; this was no real obstacle, though, as most of its content consists of images.
Yoshihito Isogawa announced now that in October, it is going to be published by No Starch Press as a three printed english books in the United States:
LEGO TECHNIC Idea Book - Simple Machines
LEGO TECHNIC Idea Book - Wheeled Wonders
LEGO TECHNIC Idea Book - Fantastic Contraptions

Great to hear - I encourage anyone who is not in possession of this great collection of ideas and strategies for building with LEGO® TECHNIC so far to go for it.


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