Oct 7, 2010

Videos featuring prototype wheels from Rotacaster

Here are some cool videos to follow up on Jim's post about these great new wheels from Rotacaster.

By sparramc:
A Lego Mindstorms NXT Autonomous Quad Rotacaster Killough Platform Omni-Bot

By xandersoldaat:
Rotacaster Test 2 (visit his blog for other test videos)

By bazmarc:
LEGO Space Police Sentinel - Rotacaster - Mindstorms

The official page to find more info on these Next Generation Holonomic Robot Wheels by Rotacaster can be found here:  http://www.rotacaster.com.au/robot-wheels.html


Matthias Paul Scholz said...

Very interesting. The product page states that the wheel will be available by end of October.
I hope they deliver also to Europe.

Matthias Paul Scholz said...

On inquiry, the rotacaster people told me that they will be shipping globally. :)

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