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Just a quick note - I receive many emails regarding old posts - a lot of them regarding downloads or files with the associated post. Come January 2011, we'll have five years (!) of archived posts. Many of these posts contain links for other websites or downloads that no longer exist. If a link or download does not work, please contact (if possible) the website's owner for those files... I do not archive them myself (well... only those downloads that are mine).

Also, if you post a comment on a blog article from 2006 or 2007 (or even 2009), it's very unlikely that you'll get a response. Few people read the old articles and your new comment (on an old post) is unlikely to get a response.

Like I said... I receive a lot of emails about these issues, so I just wanted to explain why you may not be getting a direct response from a website or article author.


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