Factory 2.0 Project

This is the first video of the full functionality of the Lego Mindstorms - Factory 2.0 project. All video was recorded during the LegoWorld 2010 event in Zwolle (The Netherlands) from October 20th until October 27th.

The factory is capable of building virtually anything using the 95 types of bricks available in the warehouse. Models for the factory are designed using Lego Digital Designer (LDD) and are interpreted by custom written Windows software (For an example of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ki6d8JM7nc... After interpreting the LDD model building instructions for the factory are generated and are sent to the master NXT of the factory.

Creator: Martijn Bosgraaf (Dryw Filtiarn)

Total construction time: 4.5 months (June 2010 until October 2010)
~ 150 hours of Lego building + ~ 100 hours of programming (5 NXT's + LDD model processing software)

Total amount of bricks: Estimated to be around 25.000
Warehouse: 95 different bricks with a total of 1520 bricks in stock

Maximum model size: 16 x 22 x 11 (width x length x height in bricks)

Controlled by 5 NXT's

Models designed in Lego Digital Designer (LDD)

A great thank you to Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) for his effort to record the video and editing it to get this video online. Visit his channel.

WELL DONE Martijn !!


NickNackGus said…
Just want to point this out: On an NXT, you can communicate with other NXTs over Bluetooth. The maximum for this is 3 NXT "slave" units to one NXT "master" units. Clearly, either they set up an alternative communication method (two servos conected to one another, light sensors blinking code to one another...), he used port four as a high speed comm port, he used a computer to control them, or keep them organized, or he managed to make a brick disconnect from a Bluetooth comm port to connect to another.
Dryw Filtiarn said…
@Tim, To answer your point about the communication... My factory uses a mix of Bluetooth and RS485 (sensor port 4) wired communication.

The way it is set up is as following:

Note that all logic for robot movement is fully implemented on the 5 NXT's. The only thing the laptop does is send step by step instructions to the main master :)
Robotica said…
fixed broken link (sorry, it was cut in the youtube text.)

Camasthecat said…
WOW. That is amazing. :D
Scalawag Comics said…
so cool and awesome and u can see my lego video

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