Let me introduce myself

Hi everyone, my name is Will Gorman, and I recently joined The NXT STEP Blog to share with you some of the fun things that I and others are doing with LEGO MINDSTORMS. I'm one of the founders of BattleBricks, a group of guys who enjoy building competitive LEGO robotics. Over the years we've hosted many competitions, including Sumo, Team Combat, SoccerBots and much more.

More recently, I've started building and publishing my own projects, random ideas that come to me here and there. Some of my robots include the WiigoBot, RoboFlush, an iPhone NXT Robot, and the MakerLegoBot. I enjoy sharing as much detail as possible for all the robots I create, including step by step build instructions.

I'm very excited to become a member of The NXT STEP team, and will do my part to share with the world this great platform to create and build ideas and inventions!


Unknown said…
Hi Will, great to meet you here (again) :).
Actually, I didn't know that you also made the famous Robo flush...
Hey Will,,, Meeting you in Zwolle and having our robots share the same table was great, now I'm very happy you are a contributor of The NeXT Step! Welcome to the family!
rkriger said…
Great job Will on the Curiosity model. Would you be kind to post the inventory and step by step instructions? My 9 year old is dying to build it with me!!!

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