Ready for a completely new LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Soccer experience?
Mario Ferrari and Daniele Benedettelli joined their efforts to create a completely automatic Soccer Game System. Forget RoboCup Junior robots that wander randomly on the field, without any clue of their position! The game field itself is a hybrid wood/aluminum/LEGO robot, that counts the scores and throws the ball back into the arena.

Check out more at and stay tuned for updates!


Unknown said…
Daniele, that's tremendeous!

How do the players find the goal?

Looks like you did get some sponsoring by HiTechnic, didn't you?
Matthias, the players do know precisely their pose on the field, localizing using RFID technology and odometry. More details to come on my site. Both HiTechnic and CODATEX were sponsors for this project.
Jetro said…
Awesome. I am particularly curious on how you keep track of where the players are and how they know they (or their opponent) have scored.

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