Building instructions for LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT

At Christmas, a lot of people will have got their first LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT set, and one of the first things to do then is searching the Internet for building instructions.
On this occcasion, The NXT Step provides an updated list of links here that lead to such instructions in the web:

Do you know additional ones? Please provide the links to them in a comment to this post.


Unknown said…
Ander's MINDSTORMS site. It has the Bluetooth controller and a spy rover!

jojoguy10 -
Other building instructions for NXT bipeds and games at
We have a few projects on our website:
Lego Engineering has building guides for the NXT Educational Kit.

HiTechnic also has some nice building guides designed to show off the sensors they sell.
robotor said…
AZ Robot Lab's website at has building instructions for many of the robots in its gallery.
Unknown said…
Jetro hinted me to a most useful discussion with a lot of according links in the Hispalug forum; have a look there.
Robin B Newman said…
I have some fully documented models here
Mainly colour sorting bots

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