Google's AppInventor for Android supports LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT now

On Friday, Google announced on the Google Code Blog that AppInventor, its Cloud-based programming platform for Android, supports LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT now:

"[...] a fun 20% robotics project that resulted in three ways you can play with your iRobot Create®, LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, or VEX Pro® through the cloud. We did this by enhancing App Inventor for Android, contributing to the open source Cellbots Java app, and beefing up the Cellbots Python libraries. Together these apps provide new connectivity between robots, Android, the cloud, and your browser."

Seems the whole mobile-NXT thing is gaining momentum. :)

Try it out and tell us about your experiences.


Here's the meaty NXT details... YOU GO NOW!

Gotta get movin'


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