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A subjective NXT retrospective to 2011

NXT-based camera platform

Super cool robots by the Festo AG

Another NXT-based remote control

Christmas baubles painted with the NXT

Interfacing the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT and Android Phone: Camera Line Follower

Merry Christmas

WRO revisited

NXTified Gingerbread

Flying robot bird

The NXT Lord of the Rings?

CATROID : Scratch for Android

NXT 2.0 Snatcher Video

Hispabrick Volume 12

What's on your holiday shopping list?

How to use MINDSTORMS to max-out your gaming character

40% off LEGO (NXT) Books

The Queboid shooter

Express-Bot: A Simple Modular Robot for the 9797 Set

Chinese NXT blog

Beautiful PID explanation video

TheNXTstep on twitter!

A NXT model of the Curiosity rover

New video by Isogawa san

A little late but Happy Thanksgiving

"Roboterwesen": new NXT book in German available now

The "Robotics Experts" at WRO

MindCuber: Build a Rubik's Cube Solver with a single NXT 2.0 set!

World Robot Olympiad: Final Day

Dexter Industries: Win a Snowflake dIMU

World Robot Olympiad - Day 2

World Robot Olympiad - Day 1

Segway Source code now available (dIMU and HiTechnic)

WRO: preparation day

Simon & his George

World Robot Olympiad


WiFi Week - Dexter Industries

MINDSTORMS Robots at BEEP Copenhagen

Spelling Game

BEEP 11-13 Nov. Bella Center Copenhagen Denmark

More building instructions!


Cyclops greets the WRO participants

NXT robot tracks a person

Dexter Industries TIR Sensor

Mindsensors Touch Panel

Remotely controlling NXT robots using leJOS NXJ

NXT Books for our German Readers

Laurens' robots on LEGOWORLD

Ricardo's LEGO® vending machine

NXT controlled wheelchair

LEGOWORLD 2011 - Zwolle

Whay if you put together NXT, Android and OPENCV?

Video on LEGOWORLD 2011

NXT Segway follows a line


A discovery worth mentioning

A NXT machine that solves a Rubik's Cube faster than any human

LEGO® MINDSTORMS digital clock

NXT robots in Arabia

Super Robo Rally

Touchscreen for NXT?

Building Instructions Page update

NXTlog Spooktacular Building Challenge

Segway balancing with Dexter Industries IMU Sensor