Audrey III - Men Eating Plant

Like a nightmare before Christmas, I created this men eating plant robot to relax in a snowy Sunday of December. It is a nice deadly robot, useful for example to keep intruders away from your desk. The robot jaws are really dangerous, so be careful!

I provide building instructions and NXC program to make this horror creature alive!
More details on Audrey III's homepage.


Menno Gorter said…
@ Daniele: Do you get any visitors anymore? :-)
This creature give me the shivers, so it might be very well done. ;-)

@ Marc-Andre:
Obiously, you didn't put your hand into it's mouth, yet. :-)
.... Or didn't understand the warning on Daniele's website. .... :-)
( Thought there was no Swahili in that? :-) )
BManCan said…
Interesting robot....looks so friendly, but is so fierce.
Looking forward to seeing the video!
Fay Rhodes said…
Danny, this is awesome! I have to admit, I especially love the website.
Milo said…
so cool!!!!!!

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