Hack Club: MINDSTORMS Showdown

The Hack-Club has a new contest!.

No business cards.
No recruiters.
No spoon.

Hack Club Round 1: LEGO Mindstorm Showdown

LEGO provides the Mindstorms, we provide the battlefield and the rules, and you provide the robots that do the special challenge better than every other robot there.

Date: January 14th-15th, 2011 New York City

Doors open: at 9 PM

Competition starts: at 10 PM on 01/14/11

Competition ends: at 9 AM on 01/15/11

Location: Solve this puzzle for the location of the event!

Once you solve it, please email me (christina@) to check your answer and RSVP so we can get a rough head count!

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I robot, LAWs

Read the rules and good luck!

PS please do not post the solution here.


Robotica said…
see some live footage:

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