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If you've got time and wouldn't mind helping Luke out, please see his request below - good luck, Luke!


My name is Luke and I created a survey, because I would like to know how people would tell their robot (currently the NXT MINDSTORMS) to perform actions. This will help me to create an algorithm for my Google Science Fair's project. My project should enable one to tell a robot in simple plain English to successfully perform actions.

Please visit survey:


Unknown said…
Cool! I'm participating in the Google Science Fair too! I'm making a Car of the future (2020). It's going to be able to talk to other cars and gain feedback then make AI decisions for various environments (ex. intersection, changing lanes, etc.)

Good Luck!
Shep said…
Actually, I do this all the time, but not in the way you would think.

Lots of the robots that I build could crash and do some damage. A few times I have added a kill button which is a touch sensor, but more often I will throw in a sound sensor and turn the sensitivity up to about 95%. I thought that my normal reaction is to yell "NOOOOOOOOO!" when something bad happens, so I harnessed that action.

The only problem is that my wife often answers with "Are you alright??"
Unknown said…

I have filled up the survey. Do you know if its results will be published somewhere?
Webstorms said…
Jojoguy10 that's a great idea. Thank you for taking my survey!

Good luck to you too!
Soccer Girl said…
Great idea for a project. You may also want to submit your project to the Virtual Science Fair - You have an excellent chance to win up to $500 in prize money. Entering is easy! You just have to submit your final report in the template format (see the contest rules). Good luck!

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