New digital gyroscope sensor for the NXT

A new digital sensor for the NXT has hit the market!
The Cruizcore XG1300L is a self-contained MEMS digital gyroscope that measures angular rates, heading, and acceleration.
Cruizcore is a total navigation solution of Microinfinity for robots, automobiles and IT which exploit MEMS, inertial navigation and GPS. This kind of sensors are used inside domestic robots (such as vacuum cleaners) or cars to improve their estimation of their position.
This new sensor is different from the actual Hitechnic gyroscope sensor: it is digital and it outputs also heading and acceleration, obtained (if I remember well) using internal Kalman filtering.

I first met the Microinfinity guys at Automatica Fair in Munich in June 2010, where they showed their drawing mobile robot. It relies only on gyrodometry to draw portraits precisely.
It is sold online at 85$.


kardath said…
Does it contains accelerometer? how many axis have the gyroscope?
Do you know if we could use it as an IMU?
I don't quite understand that you say that this is a digital sensor, unlike the Mindsensors gyroscope - the MS device has a I2C interface, which is surely digital. This sensor, OTOH, has a USB interface, so it is a bit of a stretch to say that it is "for the NXT".
I was talking about the HiTechnic Gyroscope, which has analog output. I never tried the Mindsensors Gyroscope.
The XG1300L is basically a gyro, but integrates some microcontroller that computes also heading (I think by integrating angular rate), and angular acceleration. No accelerometers/tilt sensors.
More details to come when I get one of those to try.

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