Building instructions for the NXTAPOD

New year's starting good! I finally prepared the instructions for the NXTAPOD, a six-legged walking robot that can walk straight forward and turn backward, driven by a single motor! This is made possible by a latch mechanism. The robot can be built with a single NXT 2.0 retail set, and its programming is really simple: go forward until the Ultrasonic sensor sees something, then reverse motor direction for few seconds, and begin walking forward again, and start loop again.
Check it out here!


Unknown said…
Thank you Daniele! It should be very useful example of walking robots in my classroom based activities. Especially because we are using NXT 2.0 retail sets.
邱信仁 said…
Thanks for the building instruction.
Technic Gear 36 Tooth Double Bevel x 6? It should be x2 I think.
@Hunter, I will upload a corrected PDF to my site.

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