LEGO WORLD Copenhagen, DK -- an update

News Flash!!   I'm boarding the plane in a few hours for a trans-Atlantic flight to Denmark as I have decided to join the Mindstorms team on another crazy LEGO filled adventure (some people enjoy the beach for their vacation... I choose LEGO WORLD :)  -- Of course I'm taking my Wall-E4 with me along with my new BRICKBOT and my friend Andreas from the NL will also join me at the Mindstorms kiosk with his NXTWallet (you know that first NXT transformable Wall-e)!!But that's not all!!  My real mission is to help out my LEGO bro Vassilis (NeXTSTORM) who has been invited to present a totally awesome project he has been working on... You will have to stay tuned to see it in action as right now all i can share with you is this BANNER he prepared for the occasion:

Meanwhile here are some videos of the robots that I have managed to wrap-up in t-shirts and stuff in my luggage (security is going to have a blast)

More info on LEGO WORLD CPH 2011 can be found on this post:
LEGOWORLD Copenhagen will be open to the public form February 17th to 20th,  2011.

Stay tuned for hundred of pictures and my video reports.


Linda S Pogue said…
I love the robot video! I have been telling everyone I know that Legos are more than toys. They are building blocks for learning!
Michael said…

Is it possible to get instructions on how to build your walle? Our girls would like to build it. Thanks in advance.
Michael, I totally encourage your girls to built their own interpretation of WALL-E using MINDSTORMS components. I can share all of the pictures i have taken from all my versions... even the upcoming WALL-E5!!! I do not have formal BI but for this one, you would need 3 NXT, 8 Motors, 4 Touch, 2 Color (for the eyes) and one UltraSonic sensor, then lots of track links, yellow Technic LEGO and lots of imagination :) email me!

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