New block in the house : RS485 on NXT-G

Reproduced with permission from Xander's blog I'd Rather Be Building Robots

RS485 Blocks by Andy MilluzziGive it up for my main man Andy Milluzzi who, with some help from John Hansen, created the world’s first NXT-G block that leverages the NXT’s RS485 communication abilities! Well done.
What does that mean?  Well now you can connect two bricks, back-to-back with a cable connected between their S4 ports and communicate at a blinding 921600 bps!  That’s quite a bit faster than regular Bluetooth and without the overhead of those mailboxes.
This opens up a whole new world of possible sensors! One of them being the new Dexter Industries NXTBees. How cool is that?
You can download the block from here: [LINK]. You will need at least version 1.05 of the LEGO NXT firmware to use this.

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PS: looks like this could be quite useful for my W.5 project...


sara said…
Nice! Thanks Andy. Now to design and map out the possibilities. :-)
Menno Gorter said…
I was wondering a long while why this block wasn't there from the beginning.
Good job!

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