New Education Resource Set

The Good News:

There is a new Supplemental Resource Set, available from LEGO
Education. It includes some new parts, which are not available in any other NXT set.

The Bad News:

There is also a new price—$99.95.


The assortment is juicy.
It is worth the price for me.
Brian Davis said…
Actually, with those pieces at that price... I'm tempted to buy one of those sets now, just for the parts. I agree with Daniele, that is a *very* rich assortment of parts! Technic frames are new and still very rare... and this has 8 (4 of each). It's a great assortment of gear, there's four of those 120° axle hubs, a transmission (old style it looks!), TWO *transmission driving rings* (& shifters, plus four of the transmission idler gears), Technic cams, the newer studless "T" beams, four of the "T Cross Blocks", *FIVE* different types of tires (if you count treads), and at least one piece I've actually not seen before (4560175, 6th column, fourth up from the bottom... looks like a 3L pin with a central hole like a cross block), some nice long axles, worm gears, racks (two types), and a worm gear box... holy cow!

At $100 US, this kit is a *steal*! Rats, just when I thought I was safe from LEGO purchases... TLG does it again...
I see now that it's missing a turntable. One has to buy the small excavator to get one.
Timothy said…
it din't have the turntable before it was upgraded Daniele
Unknown said…
Interestingly, it has the same price in Germany, but in EURO!
So it's one and a half times the American price here.
Yes, TLG does it again... :(

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