Playing with LEGO robots does pay off

Someone over at Kno ( has had some experience with Mindstorms! Check this out - a Mindstorms robot built simply to test the screen of a new tablet device. It's called stress testing, and apparently the robot is swiping at the screen (like your finger or a stylus) and seeing how the screen holds up to the abuse. (It's also testing the built-in light sensor on the tablet's screen, but be sure to watch the video so you can see how a non-LEGO part is performing that duty.)

So - play with your NXT! Get really good at it! You may find a job one day where your experience building and programming LEGO robots may be part of your daily duties!

Read more here.


It's more of a PF Technic robot since I did not see one Mindstorms component in this testing contraption. It is however quite cool indeed to see LEGO in used in a real life application. Who would have Kno!!wn

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