Take the LEGO Mindstorms 2011 Survey

Help the LEGO MINDSTORMS team understand more about how you use gadgets and online devices as part of your everyday life. This anonymous survey takes only a couple of minutes, and provides us with valuable information about how young people spend their time, both online and with friends.

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The 15-question survey is in English only.

Thank you for your help!


(oh yes and please note: I noticed the submit button is in Danish (oups).. if once you press it you see some text in a foreign language... It means Thanks, you're done :)


Is this an official LEGO questionnaire? It takes you off of the lego.com website (with a warning) which makes me wonder...
YES, Well it was created by 'someone' from the LEGO MINDSTORMS group but using a popular survey tool which is external -- in this case SurveyMonkey.com
Menno Gorter said…
It seems they have people younger than me in mind. :-)
Luckily I'm young at hart...
Webstorms said…
My name is Luke and I'm participating in the Google Science Fair. I've got a request to post my survey link on Mindstorms.com.

I've tried several times without success. Do any of you guys have a clue how I could post it on their website?

The survey was made with SurveyMonkey.com and can be visited under : http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/P7WZQVZ

(It would be nice to gather this information

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