Walking Biped

Long-time Blog reader 222Doc has been working on his biped for quite a while now.

This latest version is looking fantastic and has a very natural and fluid feel to it.

Damien Kee


Unknown said…
Great Work... How long do the batteries last on that...
ps you shuld buy some bigger/stronger/better motors
222Doc said…
Thanks, well the ones in the nxt will run down in a few hours, most of those hours though are BT sending out a program to test. I think the NXT could run the whole thing, no need for the extra battery pack and it may still run at least 10-30? never tested that. But i think i need a power out from the Nxt to test the draw see if this will work, that will save a lot of weight.

Funny after filming this and watching it. Made me not like the way it turnes. That turn(shuffle) at the end of the walking gate is a software fix for a mechanical issue. X2 cant rotate/pivot/turn in place. x2 could it had rotating feet, but it could not climb steps.

So X2 is getting an upgrade. Came up with an idea to get this ability to rotate, but only 1dof to do it. Most Bipeds can rotate within the hip(Asimo). What if I took my X2 hips and cut it in two and had a hing on one edge. This would let the Hip swing in or out and only use 1 dof. In testing right now.

Yes Lego needs smaller and more powerful motors.

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