Cheap, small Bluetooth dongle

Find an updated list of NXT compatible Bluetooth Dongles here.

Recently I asked our readers to share their experiences with Bluetooth dongles. I received an email today with a reader response which I would like to share.

The "Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle", as found on this webpage, costs just $1.80. Best of all, there's free shipping worldwide.

I've heard good feedback about this website, except that shipping may take a little while. After all, it's free.

The reader reported that the dongle worked fine with windows 7 and NXT-G, but as mentioned in the other post, it may work just fine with other systems as well. If anyone would like to try this out and let us know what you think, that would be great!


Anonymous said…
Yes this worked for me with Windows 7 64-bit and NXT-G (also RobotC). The caveat is that this is only with the native Windows 7 Bluetooth stack. If your PC already has a third-party Bluetooth stack installed it will probably not work. So for example if your laptop has Bluetooth built-in and doesn't work with NXT-G, adding this dongle will probably not get it working.
I have a dongle that I acquired from a different source, but it looks identical and was equally cheap and it indeed works perfectly with NXT (tested on Windows Vista).
Laurens Valk said…

Thanks for the feedback. What was your source? I might add it to the blog post.

Unknown said…
Yes i have bought it for 3€ in germany and it worked fine on ubuntu 10.10 and windows xp
Anonymous said…
I purchased same from Amazon and noticed cripple-ware functionality with the driver. The OEM (IVT) wants $27 to update the software BlueSoliel-6.4 to BlueSoliel-8.0 to remove cripple-ware.
Laurens Valk said…

Thanks for the note.

If you resolved it, how did you do that?

Did you manually install the driver package that came with the BT dongle? Usually this would not be necessary.

When so, I'll add a recommendation against installing the BlueSoliel drivers.
srdjanb13 said…
Can you help me please? I have a problem with driver. I can't pair my headset with pc (Windows XP SP3). When i plug-in bluetooth dongle Windows automaticaly instal some drivers, but in audio configurations (in control panel) i can't find any bluetooth devices. I haven't CD with drivers because, in some reason, they didn't came in package.
Sending and receiving files between pc and mobile work perfectly.
Sorry for my bad English!
lm59 said…
Help needed. I am using this dongle with XP SP3. When downloading a program to NXT, I get the message that NXT is not connected. In the NXT communication window, the scan command finds the laptop but the connect button does not work.
Unknown said…
Hi there i bought this dongle recently and i tested on all of my windows 7 64bit pcs and none of them work i have tried numerous drivers but does not work.

Any help would be appreciated. While at this another quick question, can i use one dongle to have a BT keyboard and a BT mouse connected and working at the same time ? thanks.
please email me if any answers
NXTelectroneer said…
Yeah, I have two of it, too.
It is the best, cheap and stable.
It works fine with XP, even win98SE.
But if you use it with 98SE, you must install lower version of BlueSoleil stack.

- NXTelectroneer
- Home paage

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