Earthquake in Japan

Please keep Yoshihito Isogawa (五十川芳仁) and the residents of Japan in your thoughts and prayers today. News on the earthquake in Japan (an 8.9) is just now coming in and the scenes on television are horrible.

Yoshihito is the author of the Green/Red/Blue books and more...

UPDATE: I received an email from Yoshihito's wife telling me they are both okay, but while writing the email, she said another quake was happening.


LEGOmom said…
I am so happy to hear that he and his family are OK. I will keep them all in my thoughts. It's not something I can even imagine.

Hi Jim, and all on the NXT STEP,

Thanks for your messages. My family and I are all OK.

However, many people (probably over 15,000 people) were hit by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunamis on March 11. I feel enormous sadness. Aftershocks still continue from Friday's quake in northeast Japan.

Now I am anxious about the nuclear power plants. And Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency continue to be trying to avoid the worst case.
The Tokyo electric company started rolling blackouts yesterday in order to save electricity, because the nuclear power plants stop. Commuting is a problem as metros and trains run on irregular and reduced schedules.

We would lead an inconvenient life for a while. But we would be able to spend happy time if there are Lego bricks with us. At first, I will begin to rebuild my Lego creations which were fallen from the shelves and broken apart. (^_^)

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all of your warm messages via the Internet. And the Japanese feel grateful to the rescue teams coming from USA and many other countries. Thanks so much!

I pray for health of all of you.

Yoshihito Isogawa from Tokyo, Japan

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