"Bug" an official Bonus model movie

During LEGOWORLD 2011 CPH, there was a nice new movie presented on a BIG screen above the MINDSTORMS area. The movie had 2 totally new models that can be build with a single NXT 2.0 retail kit (#8547).
The movie is present on the LEGO MINDSTORMS website, but I think most of you did not find it yet..
therefore here it is, enjoy.

here is the [link]


Menno Gorter said…
So Anders is also an actor? ;-)
Is it his design?
Robotica said…
I think it is his design, but there might always be a part seen somewhere else...
Harry said…
easy one i guess

The robot is suing a ultrasonic sensor and in the program shows that is using the colour sensor, and no loops
Harry said…
other bug i found is that there no touch sensors ans the programs also uses a touch sensor block, and in the desing of the robot there is not mechanism to grab the ball
Timothy said…
were are the instructions for this. also i think that the second new bonus model dose not work with one NXT 2.0 model (it has 6 wheels instead of 4)
Robotica said…
The second model is as the video said not buildable with just one kit.
Well spotted the program is just a movie example, in the second movie you also see a lot of typing (sure you can enter your program name and some variable names).
But just look at the cool simplicity of programing in general.

I reverse engineered the bug and will try to convert it into a BI.
very nice video. makes me want an nxt 2.0 more and more :P

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