Follow-Up - Google Science Fair Project

Received the following update from Luke:

My name is Luke and I've completed my Google Science Fair Project which is about telling your robot (currently the NXT MINDSTORMS) to perform actions. I've created an application called "Simple" that enables one to tell a robot (currently specifically directed at the NXT Tribot) in simple plain English to successfully perform wanted tasks. Go check out the links below for more information:

Visit my Google Science Fair Submission website:
Short 2 minute movie summarizing my project:
Demo of my application "Simple":
Go to direct download Link:


Eisla Sebastian said…
It sounds like you have made real progress in your science fair project for this year. What I like to recommend to my students who invest a lot of time and energy into a project is to consider building on to it the following year. In your case you can focus on developing more advanced programs so that more robots could interact. You can also utilize electronics lab for students to shift the focus of your robot project to a new electronical concept such as voice commands or infrared commands.

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