New model from HiTechnic

HiTechnic have released the building instructions for a new model, this time a small go-kart. This go cart is controlled by a Power Functions remote, that sends commands to the HiTechnic IR-Receiver sensor which in turn communicates with the NXT.

It looks quick and I'm sure would be a blast to play with. Also a nice bonus that it can be built with both the 1.0 and 2.0 NXT sets :)

I Love how they get around not needing a differential (you'll have to watch the video to find out!)

More info here -

**CORRECTION** The car uses the IR-Receiver, not the IR-Link as I had originally stated. My fault for writing this post late at night!

Damien Kee


NickNackGus said…
"These wheels make it go faster."
Do they mean the 1.0 or 2.0 wheels. I would think the 1.0 wheels because of their larger radius, but I suppose the 2.0 wheels might have a smaller mass, which would result in higher acceleration. Either way, I imagine the result isn't exactly noticeable unless they're side by side.
Unknown said…
The car uses the HiTechnic IR Reciever not the IR-Link.

Sadly you can't use the IR-Link to recieve PF-Remote signals
HiTechnic said…
The 1.0 wheels make it faster because of the larger radius.
The larger 1.0 wheels make the gocart a bit faster. The slight weight difference in the 2.0 wheel size doesn't offer much of an acceleration advantage.

How about popping on some larger RCX bicycle wheels?

Menno Gorter said…
Damien : It should be the IRreceiver sensor. ;-)

In theory the IRlink should be able to receive, only that function is not supported, if I remember that correct.
BManCan said…
Hitechnic has made some excellent models with building instructions and programs.
One minor correction to your blog entry: the Hitechnic IR Kart uses the NXT IR Receiver sensor, and not the IR Link sensor.
Damien Kee said…
Whoops, My mistake :)

I've corrected it to show that it uses the IR-Receiver, not the IR-Link.

Thanks for the correction everyone!

Damien Kee
Unknown said…
Hm... Infrared communication with a fast moving object.
I wonder how reliable that is - do you loose the contact at times when the IR receiver wanders out of direct line of sight with the IR control?
HiTechnic said…
There is a significant redundancy in the LEGO PF signal. The LEGO PF remote sends every PF IR command five times at intervals depending on the PF channel so that multiple PF remotes can be used at the same time with reasonable expectation that at least one complete command can be received for each channel from each remote. Range of the IR RC Kart is obviously line of sight and probably around 4 or 5 meters depending on lighting, IR interference etc. Using the LEGO #8885 remote it is actually quite responsive.

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