Programming the NXT in pure English - Vote!

Luke Taylor developed a software to program the NXT in pure English language, and his project has been selected by the Google Science Fair as semi-finalist!

Click here to vote for him!


niels.verbeek said…
i had voted on this computer and on school and on the ipad
Harry said…

Not sure, if I can get any help, but at school i'm developing kind a sensor fro my NXT, and I have an arduino UNO, and I have already cpature the sensor data from the sensot to my arduino, but i'm strugling in to send this data to the NXT via NXT-G, How can I do that

i know that will be two parts,

1.) form arduino to NXT using i2C, but my code dosn't do that yes

and the second part a NXT-G block to capture my sensor output.

I have been looking across the inetrente and can't find good documentation to allow me doing that

I have LabView 7.1 and 30 days deo for Labview 2010

can anyone help me please!!

NXTreme said…
@ Harry

Comments on TheNXTStep probably isn't the best place to ask questions like these, try posting your question on the forums, lots of helpful people over there.
Fay Rhodes said…

Your explanation of the process you used is outstanding! Congratulations!

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