Enchanting for NXT - New release

Clinton Blackmore, developper of Enchanting, let me know that a new version of Enchanting has been released.

"Enchanting is an easy-to-use graphical programming tool for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robots. It is based on Scratch from the MIT Media Lab, and powered by leJOS NXJ (Java for the NXT). Enchanting is free and open-source."

One of the improvements is the installation process, which has been made much easier. Try it out, and send your feedback to Clinton so he can continue to improve Enchanting.

More information and a download link are found on the project's website.

Be sure to check out the new video about Enchanting:


Unknown said…
Has anyone of our readers experience with Enchanting for the NXT already?
I'd like to hear about them.
Me too : )

As it is only very recently that it hasn't been a chore to install Enchanting, I think only a handful of people have tried it.

The students in my robotics class seem to like it. So far we've tried line followers and wall followers, and they've had an easier time with it than with alternative software.

If you are trying it out now and would like to share some experiences, by all means, share : )
Fay Rhodes said…

Do you have some kind of guide for installing Enchanting (Mac and Windows)? That might help some of us take the plunge. It looks like fun but I don't want to screw up my brick....and also, how would I go back to the standard firmware.

Hi Fay.

There are instructions on the front page of the Enchanting site describes how to install the software and how to restore the regular firmware; nevertheless, I will plan on making a video showing how to do this for future releases.

Unknown said…
I love the Enchanting program. I use it to program my robots at home. It has not been a chore to install, but on Mac OS X, it creates several Java files in the documents directory, causing clutter. Any way to allow it to save to an alternate directory? I tried moving the files, but it just creates new ones in the Documents directory.

I didn't like the files spewed all over the documents directory, either. I have a version 0.1 of Enchanting up and ready for testing, and it creates a temporary directory for all of these files and then deletes them.


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