FLL OEC 2011: Delft (NL)

Today the first of the 500 guest are arriving in the Netherlands to participate on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June at the FLL Open European Championships in Delft (the Netherlands).
With a LEGO MINDSTORMS Team we will be showing of some great models and always there for tips and tricks.

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See this link for the official pages.
Here you can find the complete program.

See you there!


Robotica said…
for those in the Netherlands, must see: tomorrow Monster Chess
alnajina said…
The monster chess looked amazing. What was really jaw-dropping was the huge NXT tank. I spent 5 minutes just looking at that 35kg beast with all its brains.

The competition was overall amazing with great work from the organizers.

Sincerely, a team member from DAS. You might remember us as the team that won two awards (2nd technical, 2nd teamwork).

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