MINDSENSORS has designed this shield that will allow Arduino to replace *ehm* to be integrated into the LEGO MINDSTORMS system.

It will have 4 NXT motor ports, 4 NXT sensor ports and several RC servo motor ports. The NXShield will attach to an Arduino Duemilanove or Uno or similar Arduino clones. (Picture shown here with a Duemilanove)
The programming for the NXShield will be on Arduino, using usual Arduino C/C++ programming environment. There will be only one I2C port, so you can use multiple sensors on the bus only if they have different addresses.
Another cool Android-related device will be announced on July 8th... What will it be?


F.T said…
The app "Sensor List" from publisher "Idea Matters" (available free on the Arduino Market) gives a list of the sensor devices used. I think that's how I got the sensor chip number.

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