Segway experiments

What do you do when you're in the MINDSTORMS booth at the FLL finals with plenty of robots around? Well, it might lead to some strange combinations. At some point I got the idea to combine a NXT Segway with omniwheels so that it could move sideways. In theory, this shouldn't have any influence on the robot's balance. See the practical experiment Xander and I did below.

Maybe I should patent the idea... If you motorize the sideway motion, Segways become even more capable of moving in narrow spaces.

Also, I wanted to try how well a Segway would perform on a randomly moving platform. This worked quite well, until you reach unexpected holes in the road. Pointless experiments, maybe, but certainly fun to do!


Laurens, Xander, that was awesome! Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
That calls for a NXT segway on another segway on another ... ;)

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