Blog reader Alain Verschuere emailed me to share his way to store a LEGO NXT set. He's using the T-BOXX from Sortimo.

What's useful about these boxes, is that you can choose how you organize the seperate bins within the box.

Alain's method is similar to the way I stored my NXT 2.0 set when I was working on robots for books (see lower two images).

I find it very convenient to separate beams and axles by length. Of course, there's not enough subboxes for each piece, but when I mix parts, I do so only if they differ by color or if they have a significantly different form.

It may seem odd to keep similar pieces in different compartments, but in the end you never end up searching for that single black axle connector block that's similar to all the others. I bought the yellow and red sorting boxes for about $12 each.


Simpfan said…
I have always wanted a box to my lego from the nxt education kit. But I haven't found any stores who sells them, no stor haven't these boxes as shown either, so my system had to be finally at is it now.
I love how you've done this, Alain. It is a very nice setup indeed.
thaddeus said…
Where did you buy these boxes. I've been looking on the web and they seem to make it very hard to buy from the US. Also, what is the difference between the t-boxx and the i-boxx?

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