Veronica Judin (Simpfan in the forums) has shared with us a great system of storing her MINDSTORMS elements.

Pictures shows how the labels are on the storage case, and some are opened to show how they works and what's inside them. I hope some of the other people will use this, because it are very easy to get the pieces you want when you build. I have use this system for my other Lego pieces to, but have ony taken photos of the NXT parts. Some few NXT parts like cabels, and the big balls you get in NXT 1, are in a bigger box, but havent pictured it, because it are only one label. (To get the parts I have used a combination of: LDD, MLcad and LeoCad, and printed out from word)

Thanks so much Veronica.  How do other people store their LEGO?  Share with us in the comments.

If you're interested, you can also see a variety of other different methods for storing LEGO that were submitted by teachers from around the world.

Damien Kee


Derek said…
Bambo silverware trays make great organizers for lego axles and other technic pieces.
Simpfan said…
One written error. Simpfan is the real username on the forums, if this matters. :)
NickNackGus said…
Some parts are in some hobby storage containers (for things like screws), the others are in a large drawer. Specifically, the drawer is a trundle from a bunk bed with wooden boards attached. Unfortunately, I am still unable to find a way to sort the pieces faster than I can build new models. :)
Damien Kee said…
Sorry Simpfan, have corrected :)
Simpfan said…
Thank you. I can tell I have used about 4 different storage cases before I'we been happy, the best system have been in this I have now, and after the labels I created, it was so easy. I have buildt the NXT Lizard, and it was so easy to findt the parts, so it was more funny and faster to build.
That's fantastic, Veronica! It looks very neat, tidy, and easy to get at things.
Alicia said…
I was wondering if you still have the labels for this storage unit. If so, can you please email me at


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