Thermal Imaging with a thermal IR Sensor

Xander has once again come up with a fantastic post on his Blog about his use of the Dexter Industries Thermal IR sensor.

Having spent most of yesterday hacking and optimizing the firmware for the new Dexter Industries Thermal IR Sensor, I thought I would go ahead and make something fun with it today.
I built a pan and tilt rig for the sensor with a great deal of gearing down to allow me to take a lot of measurements as the rig moved around. Initially I had it set for about 40×40 measurements but those didn’t look that great and I wanted a bit more. I reprogrammed it and made it spit out data at a resolution of about 90×80.

He gets some great looking images of both a cold bottle and a hot flame.

From what I hear, he's working on increasing the resolution and range that the sensor can output.

Damien Kee


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