MoonBots 2 finalists announced

The Google Lunar X PRIZE and LEGO Group are pleased to announce the twenty finalists for MoonBots 2.0, a global educational contest.

Top 20 Finalists

2011 LEGO Odyssey- California, US
Anthem-a-Tronics- Arizona, US
DragonBots- Santiago, Chile
Iron Reign- Texas, US
LegoAces- Ohio, US
Lehi Moonstormers- Utah, US
Lunar LegoBots- Tennessee, US
Lunar Lords- Washington, US
Lunar Scouts- Virginia, US
Molokai Mahina 2.0- Hawaii, US
Moonwalk- New Jersey, US
New Hartford RoboSpartans- New York, US
Pi In The Sky- Virginia, US
Q.E.D.- North Carolina, US
Raider Robotix- New Jersey, US
Say Watt?- New Jersey US
Team Just Ducky- Minnesota, US
Techno Inventors- Subang Jaya, Malaysia
The Pink Team- Florida, US
X-Treme Team- California US

Good luck to you all!

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Unknown said…
The dominance of US teams in this list is surprising.
Does that mean that they are smarter than the rest of the world or rather that almost exclusively US teams haven taking part at all?

In the latter case, it would be worthwhile to find out why.
Is it due to's marketing strategy or the regulations of the competition?
Robotica said…
@Daniele: fixed it (but the site seams temporary down)
@Matthias: Yes mainly US based teams, but remember that they also were the majority from the 75 participating , and that those teams use Moonbots like FLL as a home-school training, and therefore can spend more time on it then European teams that have Moonbots as an after school event.
Unknown said…
Hm, yes, only 14 of the 75 participating teams hail from outside the USA.
That's certainly a rather unsatisfying proportion.

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