New Barometric sensor from HiTechnic

The relentless sensor makers of HiTechnic have released a new sensor for the NXT: the barometric sensor.
It can be used for measuring both the atmospheric pressure as well as its temperature. From the web page:

"The pressure value from the sensor is in 1/1000th of inch Mercury (inHg) and the temperature is in 1/10th degree Celsius. The NXT-G block allows the NXT to read the pressure in either inHg or hPa (hectopascals) and temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. Once adjusted for current conditions, the block can also calculate altitude in feet or meters."
As usual, HiTechnic also provides support for the new sensor in NXT-G as well as in RobotC.

By experience I'm positive that other NXT platforms like leJOS NXJ or NXC will integrate support soon, too.


Brian Davis said…
I'll be posting a detailed review of this in days to come - just got back from a trip and have a sensor to play with. I'll state right now it is an *amazingly* sensitive device, perfect for these detailed measurements like altitude (it does better than a lot of commercial altimeter watches).
sqiddster said…
Wow... so how accurate is this altitude wise? to the mm? even more? That would be amazing.
Also, HALE got a new toy :)
Brian Davis said…
It's not accurate to the mm (nor is any other pressure-based system), but it does seem to be accurate to within a 100 feet or better (depends on the altitude), with a resolution on the order of a foot or two. That's remarkably good.

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