NXTBee - NXT-G Blocks

Andy over at Milluzzi Labs - http://08milluz.wordpress.com/ has just released some NXT-G blocks for use with the Dexter Industries NXTBee sensors.

Not sure what the NXTBee is? Basically it's Wireless communication for the NXT!

  • Fast, long distance wireless communications for the NXT.
  • Communicate Far: Send data over 1 KM away.
  • Communicate Fast: High speed communication between NXT's and other devices.
  • Communicate Wide: Talk to multiple NXTs, other devices and robots.

Soooooooo... What can you do with an NXTBee?  Here are a few quick videos of what some people have managed.  What would you do?


Poor Andy! His Genuine Italian(R) surname has been mispelled!
Damien Kee said…
So sorry Daniele (and Andy!)

I've now fixed it.
This is really awesome! Hats off to Andy because this was WAY more difficult than anyone imagined. This is the first time that anyone has gotten an RS-485 connection on S4 to work for with NXT-G.

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