theNXTstep Forums

The Bad News: 
Unfortunately due to a number of reasons we have decided to shut down the the old NXTstep forums :(
(Relax, the blog is not going anywhere and we have a few great new features coming up!)

The Good News:
It will remain as read only, so none of the fantastic conversations and discussion are lost.
We are encouraging anyone interested in being a part of the discussions around all things NXT to head on over to the MindBoards forum (This is where we all hang out anyway).  It is currently run by Brian Davis, Xander Soldaat, John Hansen and Steve Hassenplug, all absolute legends in the MINDSTORMS community

Take me to be nostalgic and sentiental at the old NXTstep forums


Anonymous said…
would it be possible to transfer the NXTStep discussions to MiBo?

Shea said…
Maybe, but the old theNXTstep forums were powered by Simple Machines, and MindBoards use phpBB, and MiBo is hosted through, so there are quite a few limitations.

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