Amazing Mindstorms 3D printer

Brought to us by Arthur Sacek from Brazil's ZOOM Education for Life, this very well built and surprisingly precise 3D milling machine is truly amazing (and fun to watch)!

In a reply to one viewers comment Arthur says "Soon I will post a "How it works"....and you will see that it is not so hard as you think. I am also a beginner in programming."

I invite you all to subscribe to his channel as i expect we will be seeing some pretty cool stuff in the near future!



That is astounding. Wow!
It is not a 3D printer, it is a milling machine. nevertheless it is astounding!
HotNerd said…
What an awesome reveal!
Brian Davis said…
Very nice! I wonder what the resolution is... and I guess I mean that in several senses. Clearly the mechanism has very little slop in it, and is very repeatable (over hours!). But how close does it drill each hole? How close can it? What is the maximum spacing of drilled holes that will work?

And who has to clean up after all the tiny little floral foam bits that must end up littering everything?

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