LEGO® MINDSTORMS featured in Megafactories

Megafactories, the TV channel of National Geographics in the United Kingdom, features a small footage on LEGO® MINDSTORMS that was filmed at LEGOWORLD 2010 in Zwolle:

Thanks, Laurens, for uploading the video.


Matthias said…
Nice shots of the Lego robots. I think the year is off by one though, since LEGOWORLD 2011 is yet to come, this fall. Should it perhaps be LEGOWORLD 2010?
niels.verbeek said…
not only in the uk
also in the netherlands
came this
Unknown said…
Matthias, thanks for the hint. I've corrected the year.
NickNackGus said…
Any idea where the Lego R2 was from? Looks like LEGO Star Wars, but I didn't see it there like that.

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