List of Building Instructions

So you may have see the new section 'Building Instructions' after the blog revamp and have been wondering what it's all about.  Well one of the main questions we get from readers is "How do I build that?"  Not everything we post has a full set of instructions, (imagine Bazmarc taking the time to do Build Instructions for Wall-E!) but there are certainly quite a few great ones around.

While we certainly encourage people to come up with their own creations (and let us know about them of course). We understand that sometimes you need a little help and inspiration to get them started, hence the creation of this list.

We'd like your help in finding them. Please submit a design for us to look at and if we like it, up it goes on the list!

A few guidelines:

  • There needs to be clear building instructions.  CAD instructions, photographs, step-by-step video are all fine, as long as it is possible for someone to follow along and build it
  • If possible keep as much as possible to the NXT kit.  If it needs the odd extra part here and there, that's fine, but we'd like to make sure that people aren't disappointed when they go to build, and find they are missing something

I've started the list with a few of my own, but can't wait to see what else our fantastic readers are able to find as well.

Click here to get started!!!!

*** EDIT:  Please submit individual robots rather than sites.  If a site has multiple robots, pick out the best two and submit those separately with direct links to them ***


NickNackGus said…
The build instructions don't show up over RSS/atom feed. They should either have their own feed, or share the existing one.
Damien Kee said…
I'm going to post an update each time I do an update to the list, that way people will see the new ones in the RSS feed.

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