NXT Claw Crane Arcade Game

As a pre-season project, FLL team BEBO made a Claw Crane Arcade Game using LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT:


Dave Parker said…
Thanks for posting MP! This is actually one of the FLL teams that I coach :-) I was super proud of the job they did on this, especially since they did all of the building and programming without any help at all from me! (This team has 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year FLLers on it, so they know a lot by now).

It was also a great teamwork exercise, since they had to split up all the work and integrate it all together.

Overall this worked out great as a team learning experience, and I highly recommend group building projects like this to other FLL teams. The team decided to do it on a whim after playing with a real game at a pizza parlor on the way back from one of our research project field trips.
Dave Parker said…
Just for fun, here is team BEBO's FLL robot from the season before:

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